Key4marketing appears in the international panorama positioning itself between the several technological and the traditional world. A brand of key4win that make promotion of brands and companies with members of the company 

Reacting to the market with a trend in several countries, marketing-multilevel. The company carries out the promotion of several brands on a weekly and basis throughout contracts.
In these contracts with key4win the member buys the partner currency and exchanges it for plans. These plans will have a daily payment for the member to make the disclosure of the partner crypto and the brands that are associated with us.
An absolutely sustainable and profitable project. Whether for the owner of the coin that can spread and value it or for the partners who join us to have their brand massified
The currency partner. We establish partnerships with the owners of the currency so that all payments and receipts are made with it. This action allows its valorization by the use that is given to it. It brutally increases the number of users and makes known to the world. The value of crypto is associated with the growth of the network. In the first 6 months the growth of the network represents 10% in the increase of the value of the currency. In the remaining months the value of the currency is implicitly associated with its supply and demand. Currency has increased or decreased in value as the network grows.


Promote your brand or product

We are witnessing a moment of evolution and a permanent need for modernization. Brands and companies need to work not only on their product but also on their image brand and name spread. key4marketing brand ok key4win  has a network of thousands of people who receive in crypto every day to share our partners’ advertising on various social networks.

The reach is brutal and brand scaling will reach global and historical levels.

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Our Mission

make your brand or product viral. Promote it to achieve excellence through our members and publications

Making an Impact

68.9% of companies intend to adopt content marketing strategies for the coming year, for example.


What is interesting is that digital marketing allows small and medium- sized companies to compete with large companies.

And given the current economic scenario, it is an exit for these businesses to continue to grow and stand out in the market even with a low investment.

Open Positions


In addition to helping to build a qualified base of contacts, digital marketing enables you to make the interaction at the right time, dialoguing with the exact target.


In other words, it is a much more permissive than invasive method.
It enables a much more assertive degree of segmentation than offline media.

Content Strategy

Just look at the spots on the radio or the ads on the TV to understand.
In these channels, you’re often not even the right audience for that offer. 

Perks & Benefits



Our network of thousands will promote your brand once a week on thousands of social shares


Sales increment

Increased sales will be clear because demand for the product increases in proportion to its disclosure.


Company Benefits

The benefits of virility are incalculable. Product shoots by all means and network makes good a necessity


Company Help you

The company and the network will help you launch new products, promote stocks or make your brand known



We have network spread all over the world. We operate globally

How to promote

Please contact us if your type is not considered in the attached table and we will send the individual conditions.


The customer who. The social network is the target. Looking for products in your time and passing the floor to others


Go to our key4store and buy the product that fits in your needs 

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